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Coronavirus Covid-19

Link to latest Coronavirus Updates

To make it as easy as possible for Parishioners to ask for help and to offer support for our neighbours, we've set up a WhatsApp Group. We particularly want to ensure the most vulnerable are not left isolated with no access to necessary services and support. 

If you would like to join the Group using the WhatsApp App on your smart phone, please contact our Emergency Coronavirus Coordinator - Stuart Easterbrook with your Mobile Number, Name and House Name using either:

  • Email using: sje@wolvertonpc.org.uk or;
  • Text or call using 07880 783427

Not everyone will be able to use this approach, or have the technology, so we will be using this website as well to provide support, and we are looking at other ways to help communicate and share information. The WhatsApp Group itself can be used to make contact indirectly with those not able to use WhatsApp e.g. via friends, family or close neighbours. 

We hope that if we can get as many people as possible using the WhatsApp group, we will have full coverage of the whole community, including the most vulnerable, either directly, or through neighbours or trusted friends.

You can find videos on YouTube showing how to install WhatsApp - there are a couple of examples below, along with other useful links. We will refresh and add to these over time, and please use the WhatsApp group to flag up new items that can be added to the website.

We can want to use the group of volunteers and contacts to make sure we are not leaving anyone, whether on WhatsApp of not, isolated and vulnerable with no way of asking for help. If you have any specific concerns, please contact one of the Parish Council directly.


Useful Links

What sort of things can we do in our Parish to help?

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Claverdon Surgery            Trinity Court Surgeries

Public Health England         NHS 111 online

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Warwickshire Support for the most vulnerable

Warwickshire Coronavirus Mental Health Advice and Resources

Warwickshire Covid-19 Community Led Support Groups

New Inn Pub Community Hub Covid 19 Update

The Farm - Snitterfield

Royal Mail Guidance for deliveries

WhatsApp on Android Phones           WhatsApp on Apple Phones

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